Bagged Brick

Bagged Brick Plaster System

The bagged brick plaster system is a high quality cement based plastering compound. It is an easy and efficient way to give your exterior brick veneer cladding the extra appearance it deserves.

If you are building a new home, it can be difficult to make the right decision in choosing the shape and colour of your new brick or blocks. Most decisions are made by looking at small samples these days and quite often the final appearance of the chosen colour can have quite a frustrating outcome for homeowners. Also the workmanship on your new brick veneer cladding is an important part of the final output of your house. Many homeowners dislike the appearance of the pointing in the bricks or blocks, pointing lines are not straight, not filled properly or simply the colour of the pointing mortar is not uniform.

Brick veneer

Improving the appearance of your exterior walls

The bagged brick system is a single thick coat of plaster that can be applied over a variety of masonry substrates. It is an economical way to achieve an attractive rustic look over the lineal structure of bricks or blocks. We can achieve a smooth or slightly sandy look on your dwelling as there are multiple plasters to choose from. The plaster system is finished in a 3 coat paint system.

Brick Bagging


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