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Plaster Xperts Welcomes You! We are the trusted plasterers for your exterior plastering projects in Auckland.

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Plaster Xperts Ltd is offering plastering services in Auckland for more than 20 years. We understand that plasterers do play an important part in home improvement projects. It does require special skills, so it’s best left to experienced and qualified professionals like us.

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Our Services

The value of your home will increase with professional plastering services as they improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Our full plastering service includes:

Exterior Plastering
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Exterior Plastering

Exterior Panel, Board Plastering
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Masonry Plastering

Exterior Plaster Cladding Systems
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Plaster Cladding Systems

Crack Repairs
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Plaster Crack Repairs

Our full plastering service includes:

  • Exterior Plastering in Auckland
  • Plastering and Painting
  • Exterior Plaster Cladding Systems
  • Plaster Crack Repairs
  • AAC Panel Plastering
  • Masonry and Concrete Plastering
  • Interior Plastering on Masonry Walls
  • *We are not proficient in interior plasterboard stopping*
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